Digital Learning (eLearning System)

GtzTech Co. in patnership with Simplified Education with ICT (SEDICT) Company Limited bring you the Tranformational Program in Education,

  • Project Summary

    The aim of the project is to develop a quality improvement system for management education materials in Tanzania that will help to enhance the quality of education and simplify the learning and teaching process through simplified visualization of different core subjects in both levels of education in Tanzania. The project also aims to train & develop local expertise in the field of quality assessment in management education. The target group includes government schools, business schools, their partners and clients in the region.
  • Project Task Involved

  • Transfer of Developed Countries experience in education improvements within the framework of SEDICT.
  • Customization of SEDICT methodology to regional needs
  • Training – both theoretical and practical - of experts in this newly customized methodology and its implementation
  • Testing and further fine-tuning of methodology during its practical implementation
  • Disseminations of project results. .

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Organization Background and Capacity

SEDICT is a Tanzanian's registered organization, which based on helping Education Organization and Institution in Tanzania to make information and communications technology work for them and simplify the overall education processes! Ask yourself the following questions which SEDICT try to answer them!

Does Tanzania Education Institute Utilize ICT in Fully?
Does Education Institute integrate ICT with Learning Process? 
Does Institution going with the fast changing technology?
 Do you have a website for your organization?
 Is your organization connected to the internet?
Does your organization get more clients?
Are you advertising your organization frequently as well?


The unrelenting pursuit of delivering education with ICT to the students, and public service directed at attainment of equitable and sustainable socio-economic development of Tanzania and the rest of the world.


To become a reputable world-class organization that is responsive to national, regional and global development needs through engagement in ICT knowledge delivery.

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